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Write us or contact us, If you have a project that need founding or you need a solid renewable investment. If you want to be a consultant you can also send us a message.

What is Greenangle?

Its a partnership with Kirk Heston from Antileanpowergroup. Track record of 22B$US

With Kirk Heston the manegement in Greenangle finds relevant renewable project.

In the price range of 50M$-6B$ US / project. All projects are renewable and from all over the world.

Greenangle Workforce are based on freelance consultants, Currently 17 primary in EU

We make our own procurement, and if we like what we see, 

Only then, project are presentet for our potential or old clients.

Whom then again do there own procurement. Oure management team will act as intermediary.

The MAIN theme at greenangle is. There has to be a Green angle in what we offer. And we do not charge the buyer for our service. and we only ofer what is cat. as green projects. Green energy ect.

And the way we work facillitates, that the speed in selecting and duediligence are redused to a minimum time effort, And for the Project holders our costumers . Help finding the right financing methode.

Director Søren Ellemann Hansen

Greenangle is a Danish based company

Owned by Søren Ellemann Hansen