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Søren “Ellemann” Hansen

CEO and founder of several companies, Globelware, (RCM maintenance software), Thylinux (linux software) Thy3d (development of 3d printers open source and sales thereof) Spotnspot sales, project management and development of small wind farms. In addition, many positions as a technical advisor in the wind turbine and marketing industry. And revive Betterplace in a opensource environment.

Mr. Ellemann has worked professionally with management and education for 27 years. Originally trained mathematician later automatic engineer. Where at the age of 26 he got his first job as CTO.
In 1999, Søren switched to a job as a engineer/teacher at the Folkecenter for renewable energy. Where he taught engineering internationally and tested Wavepower for the Danish government. Since then, the focus has been on the development of renewable energy. For the past 7 years, Søren has, in addition to developing Renewable Energy companies, taught at Herningsholm erhvervsskole and business school, and mentored sociology for students at Århus University. At Herningsholm he has developed the content of the national curriculum within the electricity industry regarding. Solar cells, windturbines, batteries etc.

Which has also facilitated that Mr. Ellemann via the folkcenter, participate in a project to develop professional knowledge about renewable energy in the arctic area. A collaboration with the Nordic Council, Svalbard and Greenland. Through his teaching of engineering internationally, Mr. Ellemann has a broad network with many leaders in the industry.

Søren Ellemann Hansen is a technically trained Automation-engineer, Master of HR manager, Sociology, Teacher, As well as management trained at officerlevel in the army.
Autodidact computer expert.

If the Søren does not work, he still works! You will find him in the process of making software for Renualt, Tesla or other electric vehicles, in a attempt to make it better then intended. Or with his family, developing technical solutions to make it easier to grow organic in the garden.

Introduction to Antillean Power Generation:

Antilles Power Generation (APG) was formed in June 2014 by Dominic L. Colvin Principle of PLC International Investments, James C. Hicks President of HBSE Investments and Logistics, and Kirk M. Heston CEO of Heston Wind & Renewable Energy. APG is a registered company in Nevis W.I.

These three companies have combined their requisite networks, capabilities, experience, and investment portfolios to provide financial structures for any type of ready to build project. APG is not a direct lender and none of its funds will be used to finance the Project(s). APG utilizes its vast network of Underwriters to accomplish a successful financial outcome.

Kirk M. Heston

CEO and Founder of Heston Wind & Renewable Energy.
Mr. Heston has been in the construction industry for over 35 years and in the energy sector for over 30 years. Prior to forming his own corporation in 2008 Mr. Heston served as the National Business Development Director for Renewable Energy Solutions –Wind, at Johnson Controls.
Since 2004 he has focused on the development of renewable energy projects for community energy projects, distributed energy generation, or utility scale projects for public and private entities internationally. Mr. Heston has consulted on, developed, or implemented utility scale projects internationally valued at over $4 billion dollars. Mr. Heston has worked with the US Federal and State Congresses to change legislative laws that allow public entities to build own and operate renewable energy assets to assist in offsetting their high energy costs. Mr. Heston has been technically trained at Turbine manufacture’s facilities in Europe and Spain, AAS in Mechanical and Electrical Sciences, Real Estate Law and Finance from Sauk Valley Community College. Kirk currently lives in Milwaukee, WI.


Antillean Power Generation (APG), a Nevis, W.I. Ltd provides the following project list as evidence APG has the internal capacity and contact base to provide funding for project funding and activities necessary to bring all funding requirements once satisfied through successful due diligence. The listed projects have been funded from our formation through 2011. These include domestic and international projects.

APG utilizes several financial structures:

  1.  DPLC (Direct Pay Letter of Credit)
  2.  Loan – Debt
    1. Non-Secured (US projects $150,000.00 or Less)
    2. Secured – Internationally $50M to $200B
  3.  Leasing Structures (US only)
  4.  APG typically does not provide equity funding. We can find Equity at times. It is based on a case by case project review.

APG’s actual history of project financing

Antillean Power Generation (APG) and their Partners have successfully closed over $22,448,000,000.00 in project funding in the below vertical markets.

1.) Hotel Financing.
2.) Resorts.
3.) Assisted Living Center.
4.) Medical Building.
5.) Office Building.
6.) City and Municipality Infrastructure Improvements

7.) Real Estate.
8.) Solar Energy.
9.) Wind Energy.
10.) Coal Energy.
11.) Non Sanctioned Coal
12.) Country Debt Restructuring
13.) Coal to Fuel.

APG’s sources its funds through Private Equity, various market based capital solutions (various exchanges), along with traditional banking institutions.